Star City Broadcasting is a new and exciting media company in Lafayette, Indiana.


By combining market-leading radio stations (previously owned by Artistic Media Partners) with three brand new TV affiliates (FOX, NBC, and ABC), Star City Broadcasting has become a media powerhouse.


Though we are in our infancy, our staff and talent are seasoned veterans in the media game. We are passionate about our community and helping our partners and advertisers grow.


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Tom Comerford | GENERAL MANAGER | 765.474.1410x4301

Chris Morisse Vizza | NEWS DIRECTOR | 765.474.1410x4306

Tina Parker | WPBI STATION MANAGER | 765.474.1410x4315

Mary Schneider | OFFICE MANAGER | 765.474.1410x4304

Judy Perkins | BUSINESS MANAGER | 765.474.1410x4305

Ski Anderson | OPERATIONS MANAGER/SALES |765.474.1410x4317

Steve Massa | SALES MANAGER | 765.474.1410x4307

Brian French | ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE | 765.474.1410x4318

Lisa Mithoefer | ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE | 765.474.1410x4309

Melissa McGowan | ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE | 765.474.1410x4308

Tim Slaughterbeck | ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE | 765.474.1410x4319

Erik Wake | 95.3 BOB-FM PROGRAM DIRECTOR | 765.474.1410x4310

Jared Boomer | Z96-5 WAZY PROGRAM DIRECTOR | 765.474.1410x4312

Dave North | YOUR COUNTRY 95.7 PROGRAM DIRECTOR | 765.474.1410x4311

Harv Fowler | RADIO PRODUCTION DIRECTOR | 765.474.1410x4314

Matt Barnett | VIDEO PRODUCTION DIRECTOR | 765.474.1410x4316